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Healthcare Business Consultants
Nettlewood Professional Park
80 Peachtree Road, Suite 200
Asheville, NC  28803
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Medical Economics  Fortune Small Business    Medical Economics
   October,2006           May, 2006                  September, 2007

Medical Economics
December, 2007

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Medical Economics
September, 2007


Our Mission

Investing in the services of a consultant may be compared to
investing in a quality instrument.  Quality instruments cost a little more, last a little longer, feel better in your hands, and enable you to do your job more effectively. After a period of time certain instruments become indispensable, and you wonder how you ever got along without them. 

The same is true of a consultant.  More important is the peace of mind you will receive after the application of the sound business advice that we suggest for the improvement of your practice.  Most of our clients agree that this benefit outweighs the cost of our services.

blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Complete Accounting Services
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Practice Management & Administration
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Practice Start-Up
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Tax Planning & Preparation
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Practice Surveys
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Financial Planning
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Practice Appraisals & Valuations
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Retirement Plan Design & Administration
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Group Practice Income Distribution
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   CPT & ICD-9 Coding Analysis
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Payroll & Accounts Payable Processing
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Tax & Financial Aspects of Divorce
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Financial Worth Statement Preparation
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Educational Seminars
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Managed Care Contract Analysis
blue diamond big.gif (1003 bytes)   Practice Mergers, Acquisitions & PO Development

You have already chosen a career in healthcare.  Now it is time to take action to make that career everything that it should be.

Emergency Consulting & Management Group
 is a unique package of services provided exclusively to Private Practice Emergency Medicine Groups.  

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